iPhone 4s vs the new iPad Camera via Camera+

I shot both images within a couple moments of each other. No filters were used with either one when using Camera+. Biggest issue for me is if I want to pull out my iPad and look like a tourist now that I have the best lens to shoot…

iPhone 4S (2.9 MB)
iPhone from Camera+

the new iPad (2.1 MB)
from the new iPad from Camera+

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  • youngdesign

    Take a photo with the iPhone 4 and it’ll be almost identical to the new iPad as they have the same lens.
    But they’re not necessarily better.

    The iPhone 4S has better contrast – it might not look like the better picture of the two, but it has much more detail and the lighting is much more even (albeit hazy in this pic).
    This allows editing apps to really use all the details.