What do you keep?

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Right now as I move it’s reset time for me. I have to pack light for my trip as I move east. What do you sell, donate and give away? Everything means something but what hits you hard enough to keep. What gives you enough satisfaction that you give away. What do you pass on to people that can do something more with? Those are things I’ve had to deal with lately. As much as I want to keep all my books, magazines and other things that caught my attention – realistically I knew when I bought them that it was a temporary attention grab. I knew eventually I would have to give them up. It’s only a waste when you don’t get anything from what you read.

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  • Litherland

    Michael, you’re inspiring me to get rid of most of my stuff. Thanks!

    Everything means something but what hits you hard enough to keep?

    Whatever you would try to save if your building caught on fire?

  • Mark Turuk

    i purposely do this once a year.

    When i had a basement appt, i needed to. Now, it’s just habit.

    cluttered life, cluttered mind. 😉

  • http://www.disegnostudio.com Christina

    Your post is the kick in the pants I need to go through my files and — dare I say it — all those paper promotions and swatch books. Here goes…