On the first day of Spring things ended as they started

Spring in Washington Square Park this morning #walkingtoworktoday

Waking up this morning I didn’t even realize it was the first day of spring. What I did notice looking out the window that the light looked sharper, the air felt warmer and I wanted to capture what I saw. Walking to work I noticed a couple things that caught my eye. There were things blooming all around the Flatiron building but I couldn’t get an image that replicated what I saw with my eyes. A couple blocks down I ended up in front of Washington Square Park. Things lucked out. I posted my daily #walkingtoworktoday image. Only later on Twitter did I find out after seeing it RT’d that it was the first day of Spring. It’s funny how people share info these days. Now I find myself looking out my window before bed. The clouds (or fog?) is coming back in and putting on quite a show. I must have shot the Empire State Building hundred’s if not thousands of times now but it never gets boring for me. It’s something I never take for granted. The final image for the night is the same one that I shot first thing in the morning. It’s just another day in the city that doesn’t have two days the same way.

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