Why is empty space usually seen as a negative?

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_, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

As the packing has progressed for the move, our home has been turning back into a house. With every object that is sold, given away or packed, the surrounding area gets a little emptier. When you consider the word empty, does it hit you as a positive thing or a negative? My guess is negative, but if we really consider things, empty should be seen as a positive. Optimistically it allows for anything to be done. There’s all this potential.

Walking around my house today, I noticed the walls minus the frames that showed photos and art. These small marks are really fascinating. It speaks to the history of what once made the house a home. Now it just reminds me of what was once there. It also is a symbol of the potential that now lies ahead for Tamara and myself. This is a great thing.

Looking at those walls made me want to document the “once that was there” moments. You can see the Empty Space series at www.flickr.com/photos/michaelsurtees/sets/72157594201550025/

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  • http://www.disegnostudio.com Christina

    The emptiness is fleeting as the house will soon become someone else’s home so it is neither positive nor negative, it just is.