No More

While Tamara, Maddie and I hit the road (today Saskatoon, tomorrow Winnipeg, some where in the USA after that), I’ll hold off on the soapbox crits for a little while. However in my absence you should check out Fort Drastic. In their own words they “are writers, artists, musicians, sketch comedians and Monday morning coaches. We also occasionally sit backwards on toilets. We are here for one reason: to entertain you.” How can that be a bad thing? Even if it’s not Monday it’s worth checking out.

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  • Rob

    Hi Michael and Tamera,

    Hope your journey is going well! Too bad we’ve never met, we have a lot in common (i.e. design minded, mac addicted, adventure seeking…former edmontonians…) Anyhow, all the best! Hope the two of you take time to check out everything between here and NY – there’s a lot to see!

    Keep posting…

    Rob anf Jen