Link Drop for the last week

BLOG MAVERICK: Dont Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort

Everyone has a passion, everyone has a finite amount of time. This post talks about how using time will indicate where it will lead a person.

DESIGN STAFF: Story-centered design: Hacking your brain to think like a user

Good comparison of how a lot of designer’s design within a small focus when the reality of designing a system means looking at the bigger picture. There’s a couple observations on how to accomplish that process

WSJ: Lululemon’s Secret Sauce

Fascinating insight into how Lulu Lemon gathers user feedback with simple observations, how that is translated locally in the store and how that information funnels to the organization.

KEVIN MD: Why doctors aren’t prescribing health apps to patients

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more apps out there for the health industry backed by doctors. Now I know why there’s a lot of hurdles that most people haven’t considered and why more apps won’t be in the app store anytime soon.


While there are a couple common themes that each of the designer’s talk about creating their own code to design with, each group (or person) is approaching a unique problem. For some it’s about creating images, for others there’s a need to display something that otherwise wouldn’t be possible using default tools.

FAST COMPANY: “Boy CEO” Mark Zuckerberg’s Two Smartest Projects Were Growing Facebook And Growing Up

There wasn’t much new in this article but I find it helpful whenever this is mentioned in my own process. “Can we take what used to take 10 clicks for someone to get the information they need and reduce it to three?”

ARCHINECT: Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp

Who would have guessed that a couple architects were behind Pinterest? In this interview with one of the founders he talks about iteration and how some designer’s miss out on the big picture.

GIGAOM: Zynga’s CEO on leadership, startups & mobile gaming

This interview isn’t very long but gives insight into the up’s and downs of creating something with others.

HACKER NEWS: Open-plan offices must die

Interesting POV’s on the need to have space to focus on work without being in the center of things.

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