We’re Here

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Tamara and I made it to NYC from Edmonton in 5 days and drove about 2,500 miles. We’ve got a pretty nice place in Chelsea at the Caroline and are really looking forward to meeting up with old and new friends. Once I buy a new usb cable I’ll start posting pics from the trip. After I decompress I’ll have lots more to share with regards to what is on the sidewalk.

Best, Michael

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  • http://www.disegnostudio.com Christina

    So glad to see you made it in one piece! I love Chelsea. The Big Cup was a regular hangout when I stayed at the Chealsea International Hostel around the corner some years back. Looking forward to regular updates from you on the biggest of all the smokes.

  • http://www.noahbrier.com Noah Brier

    Congratulations and welcome Michael. Glad to have you here.

  • http://williamcatherine.typepad.com Callie

    Hey, Michael:

    I’ll really be interested to hear how it is living with a big dog who needs lots of exercise in the city. We manage it here close to downtown Seattle, but I’m assuming it’s a much bigger challenge in Manhattan.

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    Thanks Christina, say what’s the Vancouver lingo for “smokes” mean?

    Hey Noah, I’ve got a big box of books waiting for ya, see you Wednesday or perhaps a little earlier?

    Callie, that’s an interesting question. So far she’s been ok with walks and there’s a park nearby from what I hear that Maddie should be able to enjoy. A month from now should tell the story.

  • Litherland

    Christina, sadly, the Big Cup is no more. Yet another victim of big rents.

    Michael is fortunate to live near one of the very best dog runs in the city. In fact, it’s probably the nicest one. Dogs are eminently adaptable; as long as you give them enough food, exercise and love (all of which I’m sure Maddie will get in abundance), they’re fine.

  • Litherland

    Once I buy a new usb cable

    One word, Michael: Tekserve!

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    I was in Tekserve as we were talking this afternoon. They don’t have one, but B & H probably does – guess where I’m going tomorrow?

  • Litherland

    Hey, I just shot you an email saying: “You’ve gotta go to B&H. They’ll have your cable, and they have Crumpler bags, too!”

    Looks like you’re already on it.

  • http://www.psfk.com Piers Fawkes