Please hear this Architects

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I hate moving, but so does probably everyone else out there. Yesterday Tamara and I spent six or seven hours moving our stuff into our new apartment (see image above). Our first mistake was not booking a time for the loading dock, so we had to wait three hours before even starting. Once I learned how to back into a loading dock with a moving van, the real fun began. There was only a two-hour window to get everything out of the van into the dock. No that big of a deal, the loading elevator will take us to our floor or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the loading elevator actually goes down to B3, and than I have to walk around a really long corridor to get to the normal elevator that takes everyone up and down in the Caroline.

So we moved everything to the loading elevator, took that stuff to the basement and than moved it again to another elevator and than carried it to our apartment. My challenge to the future architects out there that are designing elevators and apartments, please make it easier for people like me to move.

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  • Tamara

    Oh my good GOD! Oh well. Did you really expect the dream life to have an easy start? Besides, it’s JUST moving! Now it’s over and your life begins!! Enjoy!!

  • Randy Troppmann

    Wow, its not like this is a building from the 20th century either. It’s brand new. I think the architect should be publicly caned along with the ad exec who came up with “Ring around the collar.”

  • melissa harrell

    you guys should have called me for help 🙂 i think in the larger apartments they make it too complicated…our apartment didn’t even know we were moving in that day (though they had been told, so we thought) they thought we weren’t coming til august…anyway, if there is a next time….you can hire moving help in the city, it’s cheap.