How I rate food

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At Cafeteria, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

There are a couple things that I live for, great company and food – ok I like a couple other things too, but I’ll save that commentary for another time. I’ve had the chance to eat at a couple nice places in NYC since arriving on Saturday. I think it would be boring to just give straight reviews on what I liked and disliked, which service was ok and who really impressed me. So instead I offer a way of reviewing food my way.

All the food has tasted good, so that explanation about the flavours doesn’t really mean much. However if I found myself telling Tamara that I would come back for the exact same thing again – that meant it was really good, while if I mentioned that I would come back to try something else it meant the food was ok and the service saved the experience for me.

So where would I go back? Bar 6 for the Steak Frites and calamari, Cafeteria for the Fried Chicken and Waffle, Elmo with the company of Melissa and Ben, and French Roast with Caren for talk. I would visit PT212 again, but I would try something else other than their sushi.

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  • Litherland

    I go to French Roast if I need something dependable that won’t impoverish me and if I ever need a meal after, say, 2 a.m.

    But, man oh man, are you ever in for a treat, Michael. Your gastronomic tour has only just begun. Wanna go to Mary’s Fish Camp next week?

    Oh man. There are just so many fantastic places.

  • melissa harrell

    you guys made it to cafeteria?! i’ve been wanting to check it out, but have heard bad service reviews. i wonder if they have any vegetarian food? anytime you guys want to go for drinks, just give us a call! have you tried Momoya for sushi?

  • Robyn

    I haven’t been to Cafeteria, although a few people have recommended it to me. Actually, I haven’t been anywhere you’ve mentioned. HAHAHA…uh, crap! Mary’s Fish Camp is on my “eat” list. Along with a lot of other things. 😛

  • michael

    Caren: I should start to watch what I eat soon, but what the hell – Mary’s Fish Camp next week sounds like a good idea.

    Melissa: the service wasn’t too bad. The waiter took down the wrong meal that I ordered, but got me the right thing pretty quickly after the mistake. As for veg. stuff on the menu, I’ve never really looked. But considering the location I’m sure they have something.Momoya for sushi – sure, maybe this weekend?

    Robyn: considering all the places you’ve been to eat, I’m surprised.