First time experiences and cleaning up sound with Mac OS X

I need to buy a cable for this thing. Best Buy or RadioShack?

I tried connecting this thing to old cables and new cables to no avail. Interesting experience as a first time user.

Next time I'll just go into settings to tweak things. I still don't get why it didn't work after I plugged things in #macbookair #settings

The only thing better as a designer than seeing someone use the thing that a designer designed is going through a frustrating first time experience. It offers the opportunity to learn a lot. Case in point: I was trying to get a simple headphone amplifier to work on my MacBook Air. I just wanted to clean up the sound that I was listening to. The headphone amp was delivered and I couldn’t get the thing to work. The power signal was on but when I tried plugging in cable after cable things didn’t work. I have tons of cables, it’s embarrassing actually. (if anyone knows where to recycle this stuff please let me know) because I don’t need them anymore.

To make a long story short it took way too much time to get my sound to work. As the photos above document I went through stuff that should have worked once I plugged in my first cable. The audio settings for Mac OS X should work first time.

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