Today’s Inspiration

Walking Around

As I watched the video clip from PSFK asking the question of “Where Do You Get Inspiration?” it got me to think about my first real full time week in NYC. As much of a cliché as it is, NYC would be where I’m getting my inspiration from. But maybe not for the same reasons as you think. For me, there are so many talented people here that you have to always be striving to get better. No matter how good yesterday was, today you have to be smarter, faster, more observant, and listen better than you ever have before. Then there are the people on the street. 99% of the people are wearing interesting clothes, they’re not always nice looking but in their choice of clothing it tells a story or pattern of action of where they’re at in life. There’s also the visual culture out there too that makes you rethink concept, typography and execution constantly, but I can talk about that design inspiration another day.

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  • Sara

    This is a great observation, Michael. I’ve always enjoyed the people of New York more than any tourist attraction. Each person looks like they come from a different decade, fashion school, and region of the planet, yet everyone is rocking their look. Whatever your look is, you get to New York and you suddenly have to commit to it. You can’t just go halfway with your “schoolgirl” style – you need the knee-highs, the plaid skirt AND the pigtails. I always see people on the subway, check them out from head to toe, and think, “You are ROCKING that look.”

  • michael

    Very true on all acounts there Sara