make it cult-flick, before it’s actually cult

I probably shouldn’t do this, but I can’t really expand on how the movie industry is marketing films. So I quote in it’s entirety from mircea over at Werkernet. I think you could make the case that this is happening in other industries as well.

“* make a myspace page about the movie
* blog about the production
* make an entry of the movie in Wikipedia
* put all trailers / film-extracts on YouTube
* tag some of the contents with Technorati etc.

In brief: make it cult-flick, before it’s actually cult.”

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  • Steve Portigal

    Great piece – – that you may have seen on my blog – does a nice analysis of this forced/faked populism that you are describing here.

    [Sheesh – even though I blogged this article myself it still took me 3 days til I could remember WHAT I had just read that was relelvant to your post and it was only when I re-encountered the original article that I remember – I even used Google search and checked my fave blogs but still couldn’t find it – argh info overload]