10 things I’m getting used to in NYC

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, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

· Placing dollar bills in vending machines
· A doorman
· Lacoste Stores
· Heat
· Being able to walk where I need to go, no more car
· Fashion
· Taking a dog in an elevator when she needs to go
· More options on coffee as opposed to just 2nd Cup and Starbucks
· Subscribing to newspapers and magazines
· Apartment laundry service

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  • http://impiousone.blogspot.com Mark Turuk

    heh. 🙂

    The whole dollar bill thing is funny, until you have only one left and it’s all crumpled up and the machine keeps spitting it back at you.

    And if you are fighting a hangover somewhere in the wilds of Tennessee and you NEED that Gatorade for your very survival…

  • http://www.noun.ca oo

    I’d take the laundry service ANY DAY. Lucky bastard. 😉

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    and if you’re curious, it’s .95 a pound w/ a ten pound minimum where I am getting it done…

  • http://williamcatherine.typepad.com Callie

    That’s one thing I really, really like about Seattle. There are tons of other great coffee choices here. To be honest, Starbucks is actually the WORST one. It’s now so commercialized and Americanized that it’s about as far removed from the true Italian experience as it can get.

    On that note, I’m off with the Weims to get my daily macchiato at my yuppie coffee shop du jour, Caffe Fiore. My other faves are Vivace, Top Pot, Verite, and Caffe Ladro.