Walmart does not own MUJI*

It started simply enough. I had seen the above tweet which made me laugh but also reminded me of something that a friend had told me back when they were visiting NYC from Vancouver. They had been visiting they’re friend who had mentioned that MUJI was owned by Walmart. I have no idea how they got on the topic and I don’t really remember why they told me. Either way it definitely stuck with me.

So, because of the craziness of Facebook and Instagram the above tweet was apt for the day. Remembering remnants of the conversation about MUJI I wanted to reply but wanted to at least back up my claim. I did end up finding this Wikipedia page mentioning that Walmart did indeed own the company that owned MUJI.

So with that info I tweeted back what I saw and had heard. Well a lot of other people noticed and retweeted it. I have no idea how many people went to the Wikipedia page or not to confirm what they read. To two people’s credit they did mention that it was a false claim siting Ryohin-Keikaku history page on their site and their stock info.

My response whether correct or not was based on the Seiyu Groups Wikipedia page that I had originally cited. I woke up this morning and noticed a small revision to the Wikipedia page.

It’s pretty flimsy to trust Wikipedia either way but for the time being I’ll trust that the Seiyu Group page is indeed corrected. An obvious lesson is to never trust Wikipedia in the first place but I think that does a disservice to all the correct info that is there. I can’t really blame Twitter for creating a service that allows for really efficient communication. If I was designing a new Twitter from the ground up though, I would maybe allow for a way to communicate a revised tweet to all those that retweeted the original tweet with an asterisk that pointed to how the first tweet came to be.

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  • John Sloup

    It is a mistake, but not a wild mistake. Muji was started as the private label of Seiyu, but was spun out into an independent company, Seiyu still owned some shares of the company, and then was bought by Walmart. Muji is still heavily sold in Seiyu stores in Japan (aka Walmart). Could Muji be coming to your local Walmart soon…. probably not, but still Muji and Walmart do have a close relationship.