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For almost a week it’s been pretty hot. I’m really not used to the type of heat that NYC is getting these days. Having lived in Edmonton for almost the last ten years, one day of hot that NYC is getting would probably be welcomed. But that novelty is starting to wear off on me.

It was painful to walk to the first corner today, and after that I had about a mile to go to get to work. While the heat was irritating, that wasn’t the issue. It was the fact that I couldn’t stop sweating. How people don’t sweat in this city and I do will be something I hope to discover soon.

But with the bad comes the good. Two nights ago as I was getting a wrap to eat near my apartment in Chelsea, a nice thing happened. As I made my way towards the door, the person behind the counter told me to pick up a water from the front of the store – gratuit. Slightly stunned I happily took the water.

The same thing happened again tonight, but inside my apartment. Once I got through the doors, we were give water again. While my first week has been pretty good, it’s getting better.

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