Diehards Type Test

diehards with Guardian Egyptian

diehards with Yoga Mobile Pro

diehards with Tisa Mobile Pro

diehards type test

Over at Gesture Theory we’re testing out a couple fonts for a project. Being someone that really enjoys the craft of typography I thought it was a great opportunity to put the three typefaces that are in consideration against each other. The other day I tweeted about diehards. Curious to see how it read on a different scale I’m using it for the text comparison. Below is a bit more information about each typeface from the foundries.

About Guardian from Commercial Type (PDF): A large family intended for editorial design and situations requiring complex typographic hierarchy, Guardian was designed for Mark Porter’s groundbreaking 2005 redesign of The Guardian. As a text face it exhibits a rational and clear disposition, lending a serious air to the text, while the display components capture a wide range of moods with their comprehensive range of weights.

About Yoga Mobile Pro from Font Shop (PDF): The Yoga family is a type system conceived to work for newspapers and magazines thanks to its strong personality and good legibility. The Serif weights with their sturdy serifs are a good choice for body text, but they also serve as an original headline face with their subtly chiseled counters inspired by blackletters. FF Yoga mixes the harshness of blacklettes with the balanced rhythm and round shapes of the Garalde typefaces. Yoga Sans is a contemporary alternative to Gill Sans and a sober companion to Yoga Serif.

About Tisa Mobile Pro from Font Shop (PDF): Slovenian designer Mitija Miklav i drew FF Tisa to meet the technological and aesthetic requirements of modern magazine use. His primary goal was to develop a softer, more dynamic version of a nineteenth-century slab serif wood type. A large x-height and pronounced serifs make FF Tisa extremely legible in text sizes; its unique design details, including slightly exaggerated ink traps and a fairly upright italic, are evident in display applications. The typeface was selected by the TDC judges for a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2007.

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  • http://youngandbrilliant.net ninakix

    Diehards (:
    Speaking of, that’s an interesting point. I guess I interpret it both ways as well, but, it really is all contextual. In the discussed case, it seems more positive than negative, really.

  • http://youngandbrilliant.net ninakix

    Also, I like Yoga and Tisa the most do far… But. I’d have to see them in a few more situations to decide.

  • http://www.graphicriver-review.com/ GRR2

    Looks like a 3d text when merged together.