Back in the radio day

(no that is not me, nor my photo, it came from CBC) (Photo by Lauren Burrows)

Aside from three days, I’ve been hanging in NYC by myself as Tamara finishes off a magazine back in Edmonton. As happy as I am to have left Edmonton, there’s still a level of comfort that is missing when A. you move countries, B. you move to a much larger city, 3. start a new career. But what has eased the transition is a bunch of music from Canada. First there’s CBC Radio 3 which has a great podcast. Over Christmas I really got into listening to the back library of shows, but might have gone overkill as I slowed down on listening to it over the spring and summer. Now I’m back full throttle with listening to it. Check it out HERE.

The second comfort music feeling comes from Radio Sonic in Edmonton. The station is just over a year old and isn’t nearly as good as it’s beginnings, but it still reminds me of the drive into work with Tamara. I’ve never been one for radio chatter in the morning, but Garner Andrews always brought a laugh to me, well almost – he went on for what seemed like weeks about a concept called “man land”. What is ironic is that the last week I was in Edmonton, Garner took the week off, and it seems like he’s been away again the first couple days of this week, so I’ve yet to hear him for quite a while.

While I’m not totally surprised about feeling slightly nostalgic for Canadian music, what has surprised me is how much easier it’s making the transition for me. It’s sort of like hearing a song that you’ve got some emotional attachment to, yet it’s a constant feeling when your hearing the same pattern of music over from a station.

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  • Lauren Burrows

    What a surprise!

    The gent in that photo is my husband Gary, and the other uh, creature, is a friend we made on a recent roadtrip. I’m a total snapshot amateur photographer, so I’m stoked to see that you liked the shot!

    Plus, the shout out to R3 ain’t bad neither.


  • michael

    Hey Lauren, that interweb is starting to get a bit smaller. Thanks for saying hello.

  • Christina

    hey MS,

    I’m glad you are still getting an injection of CanCon in your day. I do love internet radio! Thanks for reminding us all of Radio Three.