Social media coming of age #makeitwork

Social media coming of age #walkingtoworktoday #makeitwork #poster

Hashtags are nothing new, especially on posters and ads. But something struck me walking past the #makeitwork poster. If I look for that hashtag on Twitter I’m going to get one stream of content. If I do the same search on Instagram, I’m going to see other content. The content seen through Instagram was fascinating because I could tell how long the campaign had been going because the first image uploaded was two days ago. I also saw some other stuff somewhat associated with the the television show, I say that because it was semi related to fashion of regular people. Contrast that with Twitter. Sort of the same but doesn’t have the same feel. The difference is that when the show is on, Instagram will loose it’s relevance for an hour and a community will keep an eye on Twitter to see what people think about the show. This type of communication has been going on for a while but the fact that people accept these forms of getting info at this mainstream level is quite compelling to learn from.

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