BusinessWeek – Innovation of the Week Podcast

BusinessWeek - Innovation of the Week Podcast

One of the biggest failures of podcasting in iTunes is the unlinkability of the shows. Maybe you know a way to send people individual links of individual podcasts, but I don’t. In my mind this has really slowed down the word of mouth excitement that people have for their fav. shows.

Last week I came across a really smart and intelligent group of podcasts from BusinessWeek on innovation. There’s been some well deserved controversy on Design Observer about Business Week trying to get design firms to redesign their innovation section for free. While that should not be forgiven, the podcasts are a great asset for anyone interested in design.

There is no set time limit for a show, they run between eight to twenty eight minutes and the editors go about design in a less personality driven way. It’s more about the why and how as opposed to the who. The three editors; Jesse Scanlon, Reena Jana and Andrew Blum have a great skill for talking clearly and are just interesting to listen to. From time to time there’s guest editors as such Brian Collins interviewed Deborah Adler for Target.

Since I can’t directly send you a link to the shows, in iTunes I would recommend you going to the podcast search and typing in “BusinessWeek – Innovation”. I’ve probably gone through half of the shows and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

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  • chris glass

    Will check some o’ these out. Always looking for stuff to make the commute go by, without having to hear about the war on Fresh Air.

    As for linking:
    Ctrl + Click on a particular podcast title.
    “Copy iTunes Music Store URL”

  • Noah Brier