#Typography caught in the wild of #NYC

Going through a couple months (February — June) worth of photos tonight that I took, I was looking for a theme to tie a bunch of images together. Almost immediately typography caught in the wild of NYC jumped out at me. I decided to leave the captions off of each image as the type speaks for itself. However if you choose to click on an image you’ll be able to see the original caption, often discovered and considered while I was walking to work.

Internet #walkingtoworktoday

Sidewalk boom box #walkingtoworktoday

Local type #walkingtoworktoday


There are no free lunches #walkingtoworktoday

Move your money #walkingtoworktoday

Love the type (and the copy) set above some garbage cans in Soho

Set #walkingtoworktoday

Store of no fun #walkingtoworktoday

Found this script early today, the pixel cloud was a nice added bonous.

Nails #walkingtoworktoday

AIGA posters in the hallway

Caution #type

Swift tech-nique #walkingtoworktoday


Laundry type I've never noticed walking with Madison until this morning

M.O. Of the week: Go, go, go #walkingtoworktoday


No time for #walkingtoworktoday


Barber Shop Hair #typography


Missing type, hopefully no one got injured when the letter came flying down #walkingtoworktoday

Cash only #walkingtoworktoday #coffeetype

There is no such thing as a bad typeface... just bad typography #walkingtoworktoday

We are a cash only establishment #coffeetype

Saturday morning is already complete. Bassdrive playing and this type gem found


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