Looking at this great piece of urban design

I love the design effectiveness of this bench around a single tree #walkingtoworktoday

A couple weeks ago I shot a series of photos on Sullivan’s benches that were in front of stores. The idea for the series came as I was on my way to shoot the above seating area on Spring and Sullivan. As I headed down Sullivan it seemed obvious at the time that I needed to photograph each bench.

Now that a bit of time has passed I thought it was worth coming back to aforementioned bench around the tree. When it comes to design effectiveness there’s almost an infinite number of ways that it can be measured. How many hits did it get, how many RT’s, what were the sales, how much did it save and the list goes on. But is there really a way to measure something that enhances a tree on the sidewalk like a simple bench? That single tree now has been transformed into something much more. It now offers shade to a public space that otherwise would have been unnoticed as people walk by. It opens up the sidewalk to something more than just a route from point A to B.

While it’s the first design like this that I’ve come across I’m sure there are many others of a similar nature out there. I don’t have the back story on how the bench came to be but I think it would make a lot of sense for other’s that have a storefront to consider such an idea. It would cost very little and enhance space in an unmeasurable way.

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