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Fire in DUMBO

Photo sharing now is as second nature as tweeting something that a person overheard, publicizing a Kickstarter project link or doing something that people ignore on Facebook. With that said I keep an eye out on unexpected photo sharing connections. They might not be easy to replicate with technology or aggregating socially but could potentially get there with a small upgrade when it becomes a natural action with their iPhone. Case in point, there was a fire in DUMBO and two people that I follow on Instagram shot the same thing from their different locations and uploaded it roughly at the same time. I found it fascinating to see the same action caught from two distinct POV’s. Each image gave a piece of info that the other couldn’t. While the fire wasn’t something that was going to change my day, seeing both of those images in my stream connected gave me something to pay attention to that I would have ignored otherwise if I had seen that smoke with my own eyes.

UPDATE (4.24pm 7.14.2012)

Ironically a couple hours after this post, a 3 alarm fire happened in NYC across the waterway. Images can be seen at

Photos tagged with #Seaport on instagram

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