Edmonton Oiler’s Hockey Sales Hype – which one is it? (not to be confused with how bad the leaf’s are)

Hockey Night in Edmonton

Here’s one for the creative writer’s ethics board out there if such a thing existed. I subscribe to the Edmonton Oilers email newsletter to stay in touch with one of the things that I liked about Edmonton – their NHL hockey team. On August 25th, 2006 the headline of the Oilers newsletter said “Season Seats SOLD OUT! Mini-Pack Lottery Registrations Begins!!” and yesterday I got this email “Oilers Will Have Tickets Available Throughout Season”. So at the end of August I would have assumed that season tickets means something like the tickets for the season are sold out. Now should I assume that I can buy tickets for the hockey season? So which was/is it?

Sad day for those who bought into the August email hype, good day for those that didn’t subscribe to their newsletter and wouldn’t have known about the issue in the first place.

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  • http://impiousone.blogspot.com Mark Turuk

    What’s the difference between a cigarette machine and the Toronto Maple Leafs?

    At least the cigarette machine has Players.

  • http://www.noahbrier.com Creative Writer’s Ethics Board

    We are looking into this matter . . . thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • http://www.spintechnologies.ca/flashblog Randy Troppmann

    Dear “Creative Writer’s Ethics Board”, please explain to me why the plural of house is not hice (consider mouse)? That is just plain unethical.

  • http://www.noahbrier.com Creative Writer’s Ethics Board

    It’s actually mice that’s the problem. To be honest, the mouse union has been lobbying to have the name changed to mouses in order to distance themselves from lice. This case is currently pending and due to our strict ethical standards I can’t give you any more information than that. I apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your interest.