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What Do You Stand For? | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

What Do You Stand For?

What do you stand for?

A couple months ago I reached out to Stefan Boublil for lunch. I had a lot on my mind and I was curious to see where the convo would go. Prior to lunch I really didn’t know him outside the interwebs. We had talked on Skype previously a while ago but for our lunch talk I wanted to pick his brain about a couple situations that I was dealing with. While our talk was going back and forth about things he point blank asked me what I stood for. A deceptively easy question that is anything but that to answer. For someone like myself that is OCD on the introspectiveness, I hadn’t really thought about it. I’ve always been building on top of actions and reactions to what has been presented in front of myself.

We had meet for lunch at Cipriani Dolci in Grand Central Station. After he left I pulled out my MUJI notebook and started to mind map words that felt natural to me. What I came up with above isn’t so much a process diagram about design but a way I react to the idea of design. Each piece fits together at the appropriate time. As with anything that is related to action it’s a work in progress that will change as I grow with experience. While I’m not going to talk about what each action means to me personally, if you haven’t considered what you stand for, a great exercise is to start throwing out words and see what fits. You might be surprised with what you see in front of yourself and how it might map out new directions.


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  • stefan boublil

    couldn’t have drawn it better myself. which is why i didn’t… round 2 whenevs, wherevs.

  • Michael Surtees

    thanks, and am looking forward to round 2 in the not so distant future

  • Lisa Gan

    This is a brilliant post, the model you present is spot on!

  • Michael Surtees

    Nice to hear — thanks