Humanless iOS 6 Maps

As unfunctional as the iOS 6 3D maps are, what feels creepy is that no people are in view

As with most people that live in a city like NYC that have an iPhone, people are regretting the iOS 6 upgrade because of maps. It’s almost impossible to find anything in the city now. I could go on about it but it’s likely you’ve already read about it. Another subtle but noticible issue is the lack of humans in the maps in the realistic view. It’s as though everyone has been erased. At first glance the renderings (depending on the area) in NYC aren’t that bad but something feels wrong. What is odd and creepy is that there’s no people and no cars driving except those in parking lots. It’s strange. After posting the above image on instagram I got a couple interesting comments. A friend suggested that it’s a post-apocalypse preview app, one suggested it looked like it was from SimCity 2020 and another friend said she felt like she was browsing a scene from 28 Days Later. Will this mood subside as people get used to it? Only time will tell.

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