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RE:DESIGN/Inspire talk about turning serendipity into predictable patterns of inspiration

Last week I was in Chicago as a presenter for RE:DESIGN/Inspire. The format was slightly different in that there was an emphasis to have the audience participate as much as the presenter. Below are my slides for how I’ve turned serendipity into predictable patterns of inspiration. For my talk I shared a number of photo projects that built upon and influenced each other as the years progressed. From there I looked at three well known daily projects online discussing some of the common traits between them. The talk lasted about 75 minutes. For the last 20 minutes I asked the audience to go walk outside with their smart phone. Their project was to set an arbitrary measurement for taking photos. I gave the example of going outside and shoot what was in front of them every 30 seconds. The discussion afterwards allowed people to share their unexpected patterns of what they saw. By having them go through the exercise I was hoping it would be a starting point for other projects they might want to do on a daily basis. Below my deck are three examples of what people shot.

Mike Healey

Erica Barricklow

Colleen Hill

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    The roughly done artwork is inspiring and shows many things.