Likemind III

Likemind III

If you haven’t heard of Likemind and are in NYC, check out the site at Today was the third gathering and the second that I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Here’s a couple sites from people that were there today. I’m sure you’ll get out as much as I did from them.

cellar door:

Jack Chen:


Charles Gallant:


1938 Media:


and of course Noah Brier:

and… The Blgging Times:

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  • Steve Portigal

    Funny picture – person in the back looks less than thrilled

  • michael

    I think Harris (person in the back) is just bummed that he was almost out of coffee

  • Johanna

    Oh look it’s me! Harris’s expression is priceless. It was great to meet you, Michael. Hopefully we’ll get to talk more at the next Likemind.

  • harris

    when did everyone leave?

  • michael

    Johanna – it was cool meeting you too, it’s interesting how things work out sometimes.

  • michael

    harris – got any coffee in the back room now?