Empire State Building as a Static Presidential Election Results Billboard

Last night as the results were being mentioned on TV and talked about on Twitter there was one other method people could see the results. CNN and the Empire State Building worked together to display the ongoing results on the spire of the building. As the results evolved so would the top part of the Empire State Building. Once the winner was declared the entire top would go to the winning party. As everyone knows by now the building was blue at the end of the evening.

I thought it was a great idea but during the night as the results came in the display felt a bit static. It wasn’t until the near the end that the building for me meant much. It was hard to know when the spire had actually changed. It felt gradual. I think if there had been some sort of signal of movement it would have been much more effective. Perhaps when something changed it pulsed, maybe the top cell blinked.

As a means to signify the night it was great. There was an enormous amount of people that shot the building as it turned blue and tweeted about it. I hope that the Empire State Building continues to do live tracking of other moments but with some slight adjustments to make it feel more active.

Empire State Building at 23:17 on 11.06.12

Empire State Building in blue

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