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Things to remember as I go forward:
· make things simple understandable for people
· bounce ideas of people
· is entertainment created for enjoyment or ad revenue?
· be accessible i.e. and
· stay on your toes

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  • Mark Turuk

    One persons’ entertainment is another persons’ business model.

    1) Make things understandable for people… and simple. You’re going to be running a fine line between the lowest common denominator (in this case, quite high as the target market was always tech-savy) and feature-sets.

    2) Bounce ideas off people… yes. However, do not forget that some people like to hear their own voice, especially if they have no skin in the game. In the end, Vision Matters.

    3) If people are entertained by it… they will come back, again and again and again (escapism lives). If you can piggyback ad-revenues on that, why not? We’re a culture that expects that 30-second ad-spot… I would love to see some data around internet advertising, however.

    4) Always hoist out your shingle… always be on display… always know what you’re selling… and don’t stray from the messaging. 🙂

    This was a good deal for two guys, 60 employees (whom I suspect are going to get some of that change), and Google (in that Google Video sucked). It’s surprising that Google has stepped up to buy, rather than try and re-do their own tech. It’s not exactly contrary to their business model, but it is probably the largest acquistion to date for them.

    Watch the stock…

    Ciao & Regards,