ad_space, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

This diagram isn’t really illustrating anything but the obvious, but it’s a good reminder of where eyes seem to go on a website. The darker the colour, the hotter the real-estate is. You can read more about “Where should I place Google ads on my pages?” at

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  • Steve Portigal

    I had lunch with someone on Friday who explained how this is old thinking. That things are changing so rapidly; people learn very quickly to ignore ad areas, banner spaces, etc. It’s a complex organic system that evolves as quickly as it can be measured. Put the ads over here, then attention will shift elsewhere as people collectively learn. My lunch guy had a story about meeting a prospective client who explained this to their total disbelief, and pulled out longitudinal data from a major newspaper to prove it.

    Web page advertising is an emergent system. I suspect those that see it as such will stay ahead of the game.

  • Michael Surtees

    Interesting observation Steve, do you have any url examples that show ads in a less typical placement that illustrates your lunch guy’s points that are more successful? While I can understand what your saying, I wonder if the totalitarian web design sympathizers out there will let things evolve.