magCulture Blog

magCulture Blog

When it comes to publishing, the only thing I luv more than books is magazines and newspapers. Recently I was happy to discover magCulture, a blog about magazines and yes, newspapers. Be sure to check it out – you’ll discover something new. For instance on a recent trip to NYC, the editor of the blog (Jeremy Leslie) talks about some of the magazine related things he saw – like Visionaire. I didn’t even know such a place existed…

Visit magCulture at

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  • Litherland

    Two things come to mind that you might also like, if you don’t know them already: Printed Matter, which is just a short walk from your house; and NewsDesigner, a blog about newspaper design.

    I’ve been meaning to see the “new” Printed Matter… Maybe this weekend.

  • Don

    Very excellent. I have the book magCulture and it’s quite good.

  • Michael Surtees

    Interesting Don, I’ll have to check the book out. I didn’t know much about it previous to this post.