Reviewing the First 3 Months of 2013 in Photos

Every couple months I try to take a step back to look back and review some of the common themes I’ve found myself shooting. Now that we are in April it made sense to see what has happend in 2013. A lot of the photos below were related to me shooting something every morning while I was walking to work. There wasn’t much surprise that a lot of those images were about typography or architecture–2 of my favorite topics. What was a bit surprising in the evening’s was the number of times oysters popped up when I was capturing food. Other favorite things that came up were V, Madison and tech in a consistent manner.


Snowy New Yorker building part two #walkingtoworktoday

Maze of windows #walkingtoworktoday


29th near MSG

Before the snow

Gehry vs Court Buildings #walkingtoworktoday


ESB in shadows

ESB South looking North from Madison Square Park

ESB West looking East

Tall fire escape #walkingtoworktoday

Hudson River


Madison Ave #walkingtoworktoday

Early sunrise before #walkingtoworktoday

Water towers #walkingtoworktoday

Foggy Empire State Building #walkingtoworktoday

Flatiron #walkingtoworktoday

Cold air #walkingtoworktoday

Skeleton frame

Skeleton frame

Madison Square Park tonight

Gray vs white

Foggy morning

Hodgepodge skyline part deux #walkingtoworktoday

Hodgepodge skyline #walkingtoworktoday

Looking east from the top of the Empire State Building

Looking north from the top of the Empire State Building

Looking west from the top of the Empire State Building

Good morning and happy new year from top of the world #NYC


333 #type

Grounded one way sign #walkingtoworktoday

Seen at @GA tonight


Mailbox art #walkingtoworktoday

New signs with 140 characters or less #walkingtoworktoday

Plant yard #walkingtoworktoday

Sleepy Hollow Van #walkingtoworktoday #vantype

Swabo bike type #walkingtoworktoday

Tried out pie face for lunch

Sense of humour #walkingtoworktoday

WK 360

This is mine sticker #walkingtoworktoday

Hidden dot matrix perm type #walkingtoworktoday

Multiple S's #walkingtoworktoday


Bodega flower door in Soho #walkingtoworktoday

Garbage type #walkingtoworktoday

Bright type #walkingtoworktoday

Fitting Map Gloves via @tokyohanna #walkingtoworktoday

Hip Hop Jewelry #walkingtoworktoday

Interesting use of white space #walkingtoworktoday


Vim Voe #walkingtoworktoday

Subliminal coffee sign #walkingtoworktoday

Watches of NYC #walkingtoworktoday

Fear is a hologram

Sideways m127

Humble sign that fails #walkingtoworktoday

Semiotics vs language #walkingtoworktoday

Kerning lesson #walkingtoworktoday


K Town log font #walkingtoworktoday

Moved signage #walkingtoworktoday


Sign 4

Sign 3

Sign 2


WK 360

WK 360

WK 360

Piece By Piece: The Artist Who Built His Own Dream Job

Piece By Piece: The Artist Who Built His Own Dream Job

Two of my fav things: #lego + bicycle = #piecebypiece

Faile Block

Faile Block

Faile Block

Les Ballets De Faile

Les Ballets De Faile

Les Ballets De Faile





Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani

David Shrigley

David Shrigley

David Shrigley


Working from home thanks to an earache instead of #walkingtoworktoday

So this happened today

White x3

Visibility zero outside the apt

Things are getting real #nemo

Hitachi CPWX8

A @nhl, I paid $50 for an app to see #NYR games. I have not been able to see 1 game yet so I have to use the free system

Coffee options #walkingtoworktoday


Spring hairstyles around NYC #walkingtoworktoday

QR code vs the rug #walkingtoworktoday

Running bulls #walkingtoworktoday


It would have been impressive if he had been cycling from the back #walkingtoworktoday

Typical gross rainy spring morning #walkingtoworktoday


Jammed traffic on the road and sidewalk #walkingtoworktoday

Bike sculpture #walkingtoworktoday

Snowy Madison Ave

Cold 5 ave #walkingtoworktoday


Happy face #walkingtoworktoday


Three of my fav things with cyantifik at Millesime

Pro tip: don't order extra noodles before starting. Next time I'll listen to @cyantifik

It has been quite a long time since I visited Bemelmans Bar

So hungry

Time to kick off the long weekend

Dealing with #nemo avec @cyantifik


Sake bomb



Disgruntled bunny dog

#weim stare down before #walkingtoworktoday

Madison just before #walkingtoworktoday


Guard dog #walkingtoworktoday

Madison #superweim

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