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Dear God No, I've become one of those bloggers at Starbucks' Saturday

Friday was quite the day of new music flowing into my computer. After picking the brain’s of my work-mate who sits beside me and happens to find the most interesting party’s in Brooklyn and bounces doors due to her height, she dropped a lot of stuff for me to talk about. And then there’s Chet from Edmonton who never fails to tell me about new stuff that is impossible to actually buy, but can be found with a little skill. And finally there’s BBC Radio One’s playlist. I visit that site every couple of months to see what’s eventually going to be playing pop wise here.

Chet’s recommendation is Girl Talk’s Night Ripper. There are girls on the album, but not really talking the way you’d think. Night ripper is one of those albums that mixes a lot of stuff you’ve heard before, but with an updated beat and intensity. If you Search for Girl Talk at the Hype Machine you won’t be disappointed. And just to be fair, there’s a lot of guys talking on the album too.

Alexandra’s choice for me after I asked her for some good muzak was Van She. Again a search on Hype Machine will give you an overview of what it is. There’s some serious digital base beats going on. The perfect option for working out to.

My great find from BBC Radio One was Paolo Nutini’s These Streets. Mellow and refined, this is something special. It gives me the same feeling that I got when I discovered Paul Weller for the first time with his album Wild Wood back in college.

I think it was a couple weeks ago that I mentioned some of my top tune picks for the year. There was one album that I omitted by mistake and is probably the best of the year. Yes, it’s Cat Power’s The Greatest. Stupid me for forgetting.

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  • oo

    I’ve been listening to These Streets for a few months now, and I think it is in the running for my album of the year… the kid is only 19! You can see most of his videos on his myspace page…

  • candice

    That picture reminds me of when I was having coffee with a local blogger type a few weeks ago, and we looked behind us to see one of his comments on someone’s screen in the coffeehouse.

  • Michael Surtees

    too funny (i think), over where I work I think everyone reads everyone else’s blog – so people are careful not to be caught reading the other persons stuff for what ever reason. It’s one big game…

  • Don

    Thanks, that picture made me chuckle. 😉

  • Michael Surtees

    I’m glad that I could brighten up your day Don…