Design is to design a design to produce a design
+ John Heskett

Now try saying that to yourself ten times quickly

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  • Su

    I have a rather heavily bookdarted copy of that book($2.50[!] from what we affectionately call the Old Bastard Bookstore) on my shelf. There’s something about the way he phrased a lot of things that just worked. It’s always nice to find someone whose language makes that much sense to you. I don’t think the above was one of my choices, though *grin*

  • Michael Surtees

    Funny where a blogpost will take you – I actually grabbed that quote from inside the book Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices By Dan Saffer. Not knowing who John Heskett was, I now discover the image of his book that I’ve passed up many times at the bookstore. Now I’ll have to go out and get Toothpicks & Logos: Design in Everyday Life…