Ethical Dilemma

Here’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Is it ethical to blog about something that you find through a link from a contact inside your network? Oh the dilemmas… Well here’s where you’ll find the stuff that grabbed my attention as of late

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  • Litherland

    I think it’s ethical. Why not? It’s out there, it’s in the public square, so to speak.

    Does it matter where you found the information? You found it, talk about it!

  • Jen Bekman

    Totally, I think it is. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I started having my links show up automagically on Personism.

    Usually I credit the person in my network who I found the link from. Occasionally I’m not able to do that because I like to include notes about what I find interesting from the link itself and I run out of room.

    Conversely, I’m always psyched when people pick up links from me and give me credit as the source. I love having trusted authority status!

    ps- Michael, I find lots of great links through you!

  • Litherland

    You occasionally blog about images that other people post to Flickr—what’s the difference?

  • Christina

    I concur with Jen and Caren. If it’s out there, it’s fair game. And for the record, I find lots of great links through you too MS. Paolo Nutini is the latest find! Thank you thank you!

    p.s. Has my package arrived yet?

  • Michael Surtees

    Caren: In the context of other blogs – sure it’s in the public realm, but you’re also standing on the shoulders of someone that did the work of searching ahead of time.

    Jen: When it comes to I think it’s pretty open ended whether a source needs to be mentioned. Of course it’s always nice to refer back to where a link was found. Ya, I luv getting referrals back to my blog when something is mentioned too. It’s cool knowing someone else shares the same enthusiasm for an idea.

    Caren x2: The difference being that I initiated the idea from my observations on flickr as opposed to copying the idea from someone else…

    Christina: I haven’t checked my mail box for a couple days – I’ll be sure to go by it tonight!

  • Noah Brier

    Michael, to me public is a kind of blogging and therefore the same ethics as writing about a link from someone’s blog applies. At least that’s my take.

    I actually have been meaning to write about this stuff myself. is just one example of publicly exposed data-blogging (if you will). I think something like Netflix friends (and the open queue that comes with it) also applies. Is it appropriate to bring up a movie that you saw on someone’s queue with them or do you need to wait until they talk about it?

  • Adrian

    What constitutes someone being in your network? Being friends with them? Having at least one conversation with them? It seems that limiting what you’re allowed to write about to information found on your network works against the open nature of the internet.

    To me, writing about a link from someone’s blog requires the same ethical rules as writing about a link you saw on engadget or cool hunting. *Add to the thought instead of plagarizing, and make sure to credit them. That way, they have only to gain by you blogging about their link.