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Bing finally has an identity? | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees
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Bing finally has an identity?

Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Brand and Creative for Bing spent some time at the office yesterday talking about the new Bing identity. Just in case you’ve forgotten what the old Bing logo looks like, I’ve taken a screen shot from both Google and Bing displaying the logo. Honestly I have nothing good to say about the old Bing logo. It really made the product look and feel subpar. While it is true that a company’s brand isn’t what they say it is but what the user says it is, I think it’s ok with this post to separate what the logo has transformed to from the actual product.

During our talk he went through the strategic design process with the design team at Bing, internal buy in from executives and gathering feedback both internal and external as the identity progressed. It was refreshing to hear that the process was more than a weekend exercise. One thing that stood out was the focus and attention to color contrast. Apparently a lot of time was spent making sure the colors contrasted enough both practically and aesthetically. Making sure the logo stood out both for the color blind and for maximum impact was quite important. I also asked him how they were going to measure success—apparently there are over 50 things that will be analyzed on the brand.

You can read more about Scott describing the process on the Bing blog titled Stepping Out of the Search Box. With that said, the brand does not live in a vacum. For better or worse the brand will be judge not only aesthetically but on the revamped Bing product. At the time of this post going up the old Bing search was still up. There’s a blog post titled The Next Phase that describes the actual product. If that wasn’t enough, Bing also has micro site that talks about the entire integration at

bing logo   Bing Images

bing logo   Google Search



New Bing identity in the wild at #ThisIsBing discussion

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  • Thomas Cannon

    It looks like a logo that would fit better with Google’s brand. Google Drive that is transforming into a bird.

    The sans serif font does not fit the icon and could use a little more character.

  • Michael Surtees

    You do bring up a good point about Google Drive as both logos are triangular. As for the typeface selection it was based on the system that has already been implemented with Microsoft’s other brands.