Nooka Website

Nooka Website

The Nooka Website is as amazing as their watches. I really like the different levels of hierarchy of elements going on with the site. Some elements are more frivolous then other parts, but it really adds something cool to the experience. However the IA could use a bit of work, especially in the where to buy section. It’s incredibly uncool how long it takes to scroll all the way down to to see where in NY that I can buy the watches at.

And since Christmas is so close, I thought I would give Tamara a hint for what I want (Zen H [NHB]). Of course the only failure of the site being all in flash aside from blind people not being able to use it – is that I can’t actually link to the page with the cool watch I want…

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  • swissmiss

    Michael, so glad to see you like the Nooka Watches. Funny, Matthew Waldman, who designed them, is the reason why I am (still)in NYC. When I crossed the atlantic in 99 looking for an internship, he hired me off the spot, he ran a small design studio called NYZoom. While I was working for him, he started the Nooka project. I remember when he showed us his first renderings. He’s a brilliant guy! I’ll tell him you love his watches!

  • Michael Surtees

    Tina – are there any cool designers that you don’t know : )

    I think the idea of showing time in the ways that Matthew does is ingenius…