Woodside Banksy

Like many other’s I’ve been keeping an eye on Banksy through the interwebs play around NYC. Between people uploading images to Instagram or videos on Youtube it’s hard to miss. What’s more difficult is actually seeing something before any of the work gets additional markings. Yesterday morning I was kicking myself after watching the above video. I had spent part of my afternoon in Central Park. Thankfully I didn’t walk near his popup as I would have really wouldn’t have forgiven my eyes for missing it.

Walking to work yesterday I wondered what was next for Banksy. Little did I know he was actually just a couple blocks adding something in Woodside. Once I was at working I was going through some of my channels of sources online when I heard he was in Queens. After finding out where the location was I put the coordinates into Google Maps only to see that he was literally a block away from my girlfriend’s that I had left earlier in the morning. Getting back to Queens after work while there was still daylight I was pleasantly surprised the wall still fresh. There was a decent size group of people around it, pretty respectful of anyone that wanted to get a shot with it. I took a couple images, then I went grocery shopping with Peggy. Walking around buying food was where I uploaded the images you’re seeing now. Later on that night as I was going through people’s #banksyny tags I noticed it had some new markings. That was to be expected though I was happy to see it before hand.

Banksy in Woodside

Banksy lives, no additions to his Woodside piece

The Telegraph has a map of all of his locations tracking his progress.

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