Trying to find good new music on Spotify using the Guardian

Everyone has their own systems to find new music whether it be through friends playlists, blogs or potentially using Shazam to name but a few. Once new music is found where to play it. The majority of the time I use Spotify simply due to the fact that the audio quality sounds better than anything else I’ve tried. While I do use the above mentioned ways of finding music, the other thing I do is look towards what the Guardian has inside their Spotify app. They tend to review things that I haven’t heard elsewhere (Katy Perry example in my screenshot withstanding). They show a bunch of albums with an expanded view that pulls in their review. What’s nice is that I can play the music while I’m reading up on it. So far so good. The catch of course is that these internal apps are not available on my iPad mini or HTC One. So basically I have to find Guardian music from my desktop and create playlists there if I want to hear the new stuff.

Going through the Guardian app this morning I noticed that they had a link to their outside site. Clicking on it to see what it had that was new I found an article that immediately caught my attention. The alternative Mercury prize 2013 shortlist sounded interesting and would probably give me a couple new artists to listen to. The third screenshot was what greeted me. I was really happy that the Guardian saved me a ton of time by embedding their choices within the post. I also wondered why I didn’t find these playlists inside Spotify. Surely the Guardian would have posted something to their user profile if they took the time to embed all of the music. Unfortunately no. My final screenshot shows the activity of Guardian but doesn’t mention any update with the music article. In one respect this shouldn’t be too surprising as more than one person might handle the actual post compared to the person running the app (if there is anyone running the app).

It’s a huge challenge trying to get some of these pipes to talk to each other. There’s people creating playlists in an app, others embedding albums for posts and a system that doesn’t even talk to mobile. At the end of the day I don’t know if technology is going to solve the problem of connecting some of those disperse elements aside from humans talking to humans to have a system in play that keeps everything flowing together between article music and playlists inside Spotify. With that said maybe Spotify needs to give a reason for people to create public playlists and internal apps within their system.

About two seconds after I hit post I realized I could make my own playlists based on the Guardian’s selected albums. I’ve embedded it at the bottom of the post. Unfortunately I have no idea why it won’t display. I’m guessing there’s a plugin conflict somewhere. Until I can figure out the issue I’ve just made a public link to the music at

↧ Spotify Guardian Condensed
Spotify Guardian Condensed

↧ Spotify Guardian Expanded
Spotify Guardian Expanded

The alternative Mercury prize 2013 shortlist
The alternative Mercury prize 2013 shortlist 02

↧ Spotify Guardian User Profile
Guardian User Profile

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