Citizen Marketers

Citizen Marketers

I haven’t picked the book Citizen Marketers yet, but it does sound interesting. On their Church of the Customer Blog they describe the book as this: “Citizen Marketers” is all about social media and how it’s fostering the growth of amateur culture. The early adopters of social media are at the forefront of a societal shift that’s rapidly changing the nature of marketing, public relations and corporate communications. The traditional era of one-way message delivery taught in business schools and practiced for decades by all manner of business is being supplanted by two-way and multiple-way message delivery, where everyday people are the messengers as well as the message itself.

There’s also a pretty good interview with Guy Kawasaki and the two authours at

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  • Adrian Lai

    I just saw this today. MarketingProfs has started a book club. The first book on the list is “Citizen Marketers,” and the first 30 people to sign up for this segment get a free, signed copy of the book. Link here

  • Michael Surtees

    Thanks for mentioning that Adrian – I just signed up…