Entering and Remembering a Passcode

It’s funny what tiny details can be triggered from the past. Many years ago I was with my banker replacing a card. All I had to do was enter my code to get it replaced, simple enough right? I had been typing the same numbers for years. The catch of course was that I was used to typing the pattern from an ATM, not from a keyboard like the one that was presented in front of me. After pausing for a moment I somehow figured out the number pattern on a normal keyboard with a bit of deep thought.

This morning I was going through the new Apple product ritual of filling out my credentials. This time around it was for my new retina version of the iPad mini. (Yes, I think this is better than the iPad Air, or at least for my needs). Every time I deal with entering a passcode from Apple I’ve secretly hoped that they would fix their inconsistent numbers for entering the passcode. The first time is always with a keyboard. The thing is, every time after that its like the ATM. What gives? Sure it’s a small thing but I don’t understand after all this time that no one at Apple has taken the time to make the system consistent from the get go. I do understand this is a bit of a mute point with a fingerprint or facial recognition, but still. Why not mirror the experience that the user is going to go through every time?

↧ First time experience
Create a passcode

↧ Next time experience
Enter passcode

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