Reviewing the Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

A couple weeks ago Snugg contacted me to see if I would be willing to test drive one of their products. The timing happened to coincide with me buying the new iPad mini retina so I asked them to send me a Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case. With my previous iPad mini I didn’t bother with a case. I didn’t really see the need for a case as it was a utility mini since the screen wasn’t retina. Once I opened my new mini retina I felt differently. My new mini arrived before the case came so I was quite careful with the screen. Once I had the case on my mini I felt a lot better about carrying it around with me.

My initial thoughts once I added the keyboard to my mini is that I felt I had a mini MacBook Air as opposed to a tablet. Having the keyboard with my mini seemed like it added a lot of value to the mini. I can’t fully explain why having the mini resting on the keyboard as opposed to the regular iPad stand added more work value but it did.

Going back and forth between my girlfriends apartment and my apartment I tend to carry my 15” MacBook Pro Retina. I was curious to see how my habits would change with the mini keyboard. For the most part when it came to writing blog posts I left my larger computer in my bag and just used the mini. The catch was that I would alternate between using the keyboard and just typing on the screen. I noticed that in casual settings where I didn’t have a normal table height I would type with the screen. When I was sitting in front of a desk table I would use the keyboard.

For actual typing I noticed that my hands felt a bit constrained to the width of the keyboard. It didn’t feel completely natural as my hands were almost touching each other. I also felt that the angle of the stand was slightly off. I wish I had some flexibility in changing the angle. While the keyboard isn’t perfect I do feel that it is a great addition to my iPad mini. If I was going to a conference I would probably leave my computer at home and rely on the keyboard with my mini for writing. I would also find this as a great addition for traveling. The only time I would be hesitant to use the keyboard case is if I knew I wasn’t going to do much typing. If I was just going to take my iPad mini out for reading I would probably change to a lightweight case that would be easy to hold in my pocket.

The Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard case that I reviewed is currently $39.99 and can be viewed at

↧ Using my mini at work

↧ Screen angle with keyboard
Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

↧ Mini and case width
Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

↧ Comparing keyboards and HTC One scale
Snugg iPad mini Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

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  • inknzvl

    The only problem I found with this keyboards is they are incompatible with back covers. This companies that designs this keyboard should design a back cover compatible with theirs keyboards. That would be a nice “bundle” they can offer.
    I bought me a Logitech ‘folio’ I think, it’s like a book it protects back & front. It adds a little bulk to the mini but we are still waiting for the perfect a ipad mini companion.

  • Michael Surtees

    You bring up an interesting point though for me the added weight and bulkiness that a back cover would bring outweighs the benefit.

  • inknzvl

    Michael but you are adding 300 g of weight with the keyboard, another 50g won’t hurt. Plus you will have the option to use your iPad without the keyboard without worrying about being scratch or slip out of your hands when reading or playing games. That’s why this kind of keyboards are nice, because they are easily removed. They just need a slim compatible back cover in my opinion.

  • Pangurrban

    I am having an issue where the n key types this “n6” and the b key “b5” very frustrating.