Loved opening and unboxing 53’s Pencil. Here’s my notes #benchmark

Chances are that if you are a designer and have an iPad of some size you’ve probably come across 53’s Paper app. If you have you may have come across their Pencil that was available order not so long ago. Today I opened an envelop from 53 with the pencil. Below is my unboxing experience. I can’t recall a time when I learned so much about design and inspiration through anolog means.

↧ Oh nice, I haven’t seen a tube for packaging. Nice touch showing some of the ink on the bottom of the tube.
2013-12-07 01.58.19 1.jpg

↧ This looks like it has been thought out quite a bit. Note to self, keep shooting every action.
2013-12-07 01.12.05 2.jpg

↧ Starting to realize they’ve consider all the details. Glad I’m keeping note.
2013-12-07 01.15.09 2.jpg

↧ Can’t wait to use this
2013-12-07 01.20.30 2.jpg

↧ Starting to want to know how this came together. The delivery system is to power it up is even smart.
2013-12-07 01.23.04 2.jpg

↧ Chances are that this tab isn’t coincidental. Wonder what’s next…
2013-12-07 01.25.32 2.jpg

↧ Hope I don’t have to use this but appreciate the protective care.
2013-12-07 01.31.32 2.jpg

↧ Everything has been a prelude to these instructions.
2013-12-07 01.34.38 2.jpg

↧ Covering the bases, can appreciate that.
2013-12-07 01.37.51 2.jpg

↧ This keeps getting better.
2013-12-07 01.39.48 2.jpg

↧ Note to self about the type…
2013-12-07 01.43.14 3.jpg

↧ These instructions are asking to be open.
2013-12-07 01.47.50 2.jpg

↧ On boarding took less than 30 seconds. Note to self, this is a benchmark to test against.
2013-12-07 01.49.39 2.jpg

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  • tweeterwoofer

    Thanks for posting this. Very nicely shot and catalogued. How I it to use? I’ve got one on order, but haven’t received it yet. Is the stylus tip any finer or easier to use than the typical ipad stylus?

  • Lilly Allen

    what was the barcode and serial number for such device?