2013 People #walkingtoworktoday

Looking back over the last year while I was #walkingtoworktoday, I’m starting to collect some of the images that fit together. Over the past couple of years I’ve really enjoyed seeing what serendipitous themes emerge. Here’s a simple set with other people working while I was walking.

↧ 05.01.13 Shadow play with purple soled shoes #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 06.05.13 Street chairs #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 07.26.13 Ice coffee action shot #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 08.08.13 Strolling and #walkingtoworktoday down 34th

↧ 08.13.13 Rainy morning #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 08.22.13 Shortcut through Soho #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 10.07.13 Taxi driver going with the keyless entry option trying to open his door #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 10.21.13 Long shadows #walkingtoworktoday

↧ 12.06.13 Rainy Bryant Park #walkingtoworktoday

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