Distance Measurement for Dogs?

SNiF® Tag

When I first saw the SNiF® Tag via La Famille I thought it was like the new Nike/iPod integration thing but for dogs. Just by looking at the device I thought I could track my dogs walk and measure the distance on a computer – sorta like with GPS. Sadly that’s not the case, GPS is too expensive, and the SNiF® Tag is more “keeps track of your dog, her pals, and all of her activities.” Honestly I’m not sure if Maddie would want to do that though. You can decide on the privacy of who sees what, but still I’m not sure if there’s really a benefit to the idea. If a shoe can talk to an iPod, I’m sure one day a dog collar can communicate and measure distance with an iPod too.

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  • http://egobsd.org/log/ candice

    It seems kinda neat, but I’d kinda rather have a dog-mounted gps. As great as my dog is with people, she’s alpha enough that a lot of others she doesn’t get along with. (That and I am one of those always-on-leash people – Susie once got hit by a car, and the dog park is kinda overwhelming. We go for river walks instead. Less stressful.)

    Maddie is adorable.

  • http://williamcatherine.typepad.com Callie

    I see here where you’ve linked my post.

    Anyway, you’ve changed the blog name? I think I’m going to do that with mine too, soon. I bought the domain, now I just need to go through the pain of pointing everything to it.