Wikia Search?

Search Wikia

I was surprised to read over the weekend via PSFK that Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) is creating a new search engine at What I’m finding of late when I’m searching for something is that a wikipedia entry is coming up near the top of every search. I also recently added on the Googlepedia plugin to Firefox which has divided my search screen into two parts that had made my searching easier. So if wiki “like” content is already surfacing near the top, why try to create a new search? There’s probably more reasons then I can think of, but it certainly open options for people on looking at options. There’s a lot more in this area to talk about and I’ll be gathering some more notes in the weeks to come.

UPDATE: Here’s a couple more links I found. Q&A With Jimmy Wales On Search Wikia and Wikiasari, ‘Venice Project’…Will 2007 be the year of the ‘killer’?

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