Opening the Apple iPhone


There’s been a lot said for months, weeks and days now about the Apple iPhone and what it may or may not look like. I was a little surprised at the actual outside design and am a bit skeptical about how easy it will scratch after owning an black video iPod for a while. I’m also not so sure about their solution for the QWERTY keyboard. Maybe after I get one for user testing purposes I’ll be able to dispel my issues. Oh, it’s too bad that I can’t upgrade my treo 650 for a couple years so I will probably have to wait unless cingular decides to get with the program about those that want to seriously upgrade their phones at will…

But what really excites me is the opportunity to create widgets and other potential applications. As frogs blog mentions, there’s some serious design potential out there for tech and software advancements on this phone. From their blog: “I quickly realized that Apple has created a platform in which web developers will be able to play a substantial part. With the inclusion of widgets, Apple has created one of the most accessible development platforms for data transfer and productivity apps to date on a mobile phone. All you need to know to develop a widget for Tiger’s dashboard is XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the iPhone running OS X, I’m assuming the requirements will be the same.”

I’m going to start collecting urls and commentary that talks about this, so if you see of anything noteworthy like the above, please let me know. I want in on this game!

Ok, I have had a bit more time to think about this whole iPhone idea. Why couldn’t apple just sell this thing sans phone and have it capable to sniff out wifi? Take it one step further and allow a skype hack? That way you don’t have to worry about a cell phone provider…

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  • nate archer

    I was thinking along the same way Michael. I never quite got the benefit of the widgets on OSX since the real tools were just as easy to access. However this format really makes the widgets into actual applications. I think this is really important to note because the widget is perfectly suited to the smaller format and simplified controls.

  • Johanna

    Have you checked out the Nokia internet tablet? WiFi, with a popup touch-QWERTY keyboard!

  • michael

    damn you Johanna – that is something to be explored ASAP! merci. Do you mean the Nokia N800 or Nokia 770 btw?

  • Robbie de Villiers

    I’d say it’s a fair bet Cingular won’t be happy if it was wifi ONLY since they’s loose all the Skype revenue… I have the Nokia 770 (wifi only with Skype built-in) and if you’ve ever seen it’s screen, you’ll know how awesome it is. Btw it is 4.25″ vs iPhone’s 3.5. Having said that, I will get rid this in ONE second for an iPhone:)

  • michael

    Interesting viewpoint Robbie. Have you had your Nokia 770 for a while now and are just looking for something new? I have a bit of time (like everyone else) before I have to jump the gun either way.

  • Robbie de Villiers

    I am jsut a gadget junkie and couldn’t resist getting the Nokia. My justification is to use it when travelling outside of the US so I can check email and make calls using Skype. It is really well made and has good battery life, and the screen is AWESOME.

    I’d say it very much depends what you need. If you have pleenty of wifi access and you need to call a lot, this may be a good option. Keep in mind you need to use a stylus (gasp!). The iphone is just so groundbreaking in every way that it is hard to not succumb to Steve’s pitch… June seems a loooong way off though.

  • oo

    It supports wi-fi (from Tech Specs):

    “Wireless data: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0”

    So when you’re in a wi-fi enabled area, you’ll use that for internet and email, and use GSM and EDGE for phone calls. (I wonder what the EDGE internet/email performance hit will be when out of wi-fi range.)

    I assume someone will create a Skype widget for this, or some kind of Safari site you can browse to to make a Skype call through.