Super Black


It’s not like the colour black has ever been out of vogue. Though it seems this decade that we’re currently in has taken black to a new level of use. Apple uses it, my plasma is all black, 3/4 of my clothing is, and it’s used prominently on a brand or two. But what does that say about the time we’re living in? One of the few design writers that doesn’t talk to people as if they’re in grade one, Alice Rawsthorn’s article Black is back, but in a superglossy way has come out at an appropriate time considering Apple’s iPhone talk. For that matter take a look at all her articles at the International Herald Tribune, they’re all pretty good.

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  • litherland

    Yep, Alice Rawsthorn is a smartie.

    I’ve only ever seen you wear black once. I always wear black because I can’t be bothered to match colo(u)rs and I love the way various blacks look one against the other. And also it doesn’t look dirty as quickly, so one can wear it longer. And it shows paw prints less.