Content Today


Why does the best content come when you’re really busy? Here’s a bunch of links that I need to go back to read when I have five minutes… via various sources

Theme Magazine: X-Pollination of Streetwear

BLDGBLOG: Divided Kingdom

Cool Hunting: Refinery29 Shops

metacool: metacool Thought of the Day

Resumé Media

Business Week: The iPhone Is Cool–But Is It An Ecosystem?

Motionographer: Blacklist’s Cisma Scores for ESPN and the NBA

russell davies: blag interview

Subtraction: Bad for Palm, Good for Typography

The News is How Apple kept the iPhone secret

plus six: hitting the ground running

Pulse Laser: Japanese repair culture and distributed manufacture

Advertising Age: How Would You Fix the Gap?

New York Times: Brands For the Chattering Masses

Offbrand: Wodcast launch

Alec Soth: Shit Week

MoCo Loco: Podcast Interview: Anne Asensio

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