Kevin Cyr & Gary Taxali

Kevin Cyr and Gary Taxali currently have solo exhibitions on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery until March 22, 2014. Fans of visual design have probably come across both individuals work before. Kevin Cyr is known for his distinct representation of vehicles with the markings of the city while Gary Taxali is commissioned quite often for editorial design.

Kevin Cyr—Right Place, Right Time

Prior to seeing Kevin Cyr: Right Place, Right Time, the only time I’ve seen his work was online. What I’ve always enjoyed about his work is his sense of detail to marks that a lot of people walk by in real life without further glance. Examining the tags, marks and other graphic elements becomes a rewarding exercise to look at. The markings open up a dialog of questions both about the people marking the vehicles and the city surrounding it.

Wolliner ↧

Saint-Ghislain ↧

Bruno-Bauer ↧

Jean-Pierre Timbaud ↧

Schlesische II ↧

Philippe-Auguste ↧

Gary Taxali—Unforget Me

It was an interesting scale difference walking around Gary Taxali: Unforget Me for me. I’m used to seeing his work in magazines and design annuals. Seeing his work at a much larger scale than a printed page was enjoyable. Not just for the aesthetics (though they are great) but for the concepts behind each piece. There’s a lot of visual play going on. Looking closely to each piece the details of printing come into view that often flatten when reproduced in a magazine. For those paying attention to the details it’s often a rewording experience.

Don’t Let Me Fall ↧

Reasons I Love You ↧

Everyday Crap ↧

Lucky ↧

Thought So ↧

Linoleum ↧

Unforget Me ↧

Yikes ↧

Me, Please ↧

Chump and Friends ↧

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